Spring Loaded Cultivator

Our spring loaded cultivator are double-spring cultivator. It levels the surface of soil to prepare a perfect seed-bed. Our cultivators ensures that the seeds are buried at the desired depths in the soil.

• It’s designing is for tough work and operates as a Chisel Plough

• The tiller has heavy duty shanks for positive penetration

• It breaks up hard top soil, uproots stubbles and leaves the ground perfectly worked

• It is particularity useful for paddy cultivation areas requiring shallow ploughing on hard clayey cracked up soil

• In such places it prepares seed bed faster than ploughing

• This Tiller is Successful for each and every type of Soil whether that can be for Light, Medium or Tough

• ITCI type Spring Loaded Tyne Assembles take their strength from heavy duty angles in which tines are fitted    with the heavy duty spring which once fixed to the immensely strong main frame cannot move or strain out of    position

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