Conveyor Model Multicrop Thresher

Valasumani modern conveyor model multicrop thresher is fitted with conveyor system for both feeding and loading purposes. This system has reduced the manpower to 3 which was 5 in case of multicrop thresher operated without conveyor.Due to the high demand for manpower these days, this model is a very convenient one.

Crops that can be threshed using Multicrop Thresher:

Maize, Sunflower, Corn


Product Features

Maize can be threshed without peeling the cob cover

Maize threshing capacity 70 to 80 bags per Hour. (1 bag = 100 kg)

Threshing does not damage the tips of the grain hence grain is suitable for use as seed

Threshing is totally completed in one pass

Special Features

Government Of Tamilnadu is providing Subsidy for our Product Multicrop Thresher.

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